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weight loss program

With more people trying to enroll for weight loss programs, there is a focus on what to eat. There are various diet plans, fad diets, supplements and food products devoted to weight loss. In addition there is a growing interest in exercise as a means to manage weight. In a lot of cases, none of these seem to be working as effectively as they should.


Do you know why weight loss programs do not work? One of the most important causes of gaining weight or not being able to lose weight is a lack of sound sleep at the right time.

You have to sleep an adequate number of hours each day. One should sleep for seven to eight hours a day. However it is important to note that sleeping at 12.00 am or 1.00 am and getting up after 8.00 am is not going to help much.

The body’s relaxation hormones get into action from evening onward and by around 10.00 pm, the body has been made ready to relax. From 12.00 am onward till around 4.00 am, the body’s rejuvenation hormones are in play which help repair the body and grow new cells. In addition they also help correct imbalances in the system. From around 4 am onward, the active hormones are roused, getting the body ready to get up and be prepared for the day’s activities. These cycles remain the same irrespective of when you sleep or wake up.

If you regularly sleep late, you are causing the body to trigger a stress response causing hormonal imbalances. This is because you are awake and active when the relaxation chemicals are released. You are trying to sleep or still awake, when the rejuvenation hormones need to be present. This prevents them from doing their work. When you are meant to be active, you are sleeping. This imbalance causes weight gain or less reduction of weight as the body is under stress. When the body detects stress, one of the first natural actions is to store energy in the form of fat. This leads to ineffective weight management and causing diabetes and blood pressure in the long run.

Lack of sleep could be due to lifestyle reasons, late night TV and computer activity or due to medical conditions such as insomnia and sleep apnoea. If you are having trouble falling to sleep early, opt for our sleep well program from the stress management section on So sleep well, on time and get a great body as well. 

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