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Sleep is yoga for children

Sleeping well is the best form of yoga for children. Sleep is one of the most important factors for not only good health but also for academic performance. A recent Chinese study has found a direct link between sound sleep in children and their performance at academics. Students who slept nine to ten hours a day were quite sharp and alert and did better at grades compared to those who regularly slept less than nine hours a day.

Around one third of children around the World have already developed sleeping problems due to high academic and extra-curricular workloads combined with gaming, internet and social media. Such children also tend to develop non-communicable (heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes) diseases at an early age. Children exposed electronic media and sleeping very less are going to get lifestyle diseases in their 30’s and even 20’s.

These results are not unique to Asian cultures and various other researches across the World seem to be corroborating these findings. Children as well as adults are forcing themselves to sleep lesser with each passing year. Coffee consumption is rising even in children. This severely impacts the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate itself. The biggest culprits are obviously gaming, social media and internet and TV.

A few things that we can do right away is to watch less television, avoid playing video games and the internet unless it is for work. Substitute these with hobbies or outdoor activities. If nothing else, just laze around with eyes shut or read a book.

Apart from restricting electronic media, it would also be a good idea to start practicing meditation and do some Yoga. Our academic success program and programs for yoga for children and teenagers are just designed to get your children to sleep well and succeed once again. Click below for a great program.


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