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Watching television these days has become part and parcel of our daily lives just like brushing our teeth or having a bath. We cannot imagine a life without television. In fact, a majority of us cannot possibly survive without watching television for at least some time during the day. Those who have been used to a life which was more active, tend to watch it less. However, the generations in the last thirty years or so cannot even imagine a life without it.

Various studies around the world have been done around television watching habits and its impact on life. One such study has been recently concluded by the journal, JAMA.


The study involved tracking television viewing habits of 3200 individuals who were at age 25 during the start of the study. They were tracked till mid – life. That is quite a few years to present fairly accurate results. The synopsis of the results are as follows:

  • Young adults who watch more television daily, tend to be more unhealthy with lack of physical activity.
  • Watching more than three hours of television in a day led to deterioration of health in the middle years itself.
  • All those who watched above three hours as mentioned above did worse on different brain tests compared to those who did not watch so much. The lesser the television, the better the performance even twenty five years down the line.

Therefore it is fairly clear that we need to be involved in physical activities and not just seated activities. In the same study, it was also found that physical activity not only improved physical health but also had the following benefits for the brain:

  • Physical activity improved the processing speed of the brain which enabled better understanding of information and better responses.
  • Verbal memory improved with physical activity and less television. This means better retention and recall.
  • Another important aspect which was found was an improvement in what is known as, executive function. This means the ability to plan, organize, stay more attentive and therefore work better in teams. So this is also a big professional success factor.

The net conclusion for all of us is very simple; start moving and shut off the remote. It is exceptionally difficult but there are two great programs from which will help you to make rapid improvements and forget the remote.


The first program is the professional success program. Just practicing this on a regular basis will ensure:

  1. The mind will start overcoming the negative effects of watching television for years.
  2. The brains starts getting reprogrammed quickly and in as little as ninety days, the brain starts making progress.
  3. Within one year, you will get back to your absolutely original and intelligent state of proper executive functioning. This will reflect in greatly improved performance and professional success, whether you are in a job or are self employed.
  4. In just ninety days you will find the cravings reduce a lot of watching television or being on the internet or electronic media.


The other important program from wellzee which can help you with this goal is our stress management program. Most of the times we are either bored or stressed. In fact, boredom is a symptom of underlying stress. Once we start becoming stress free, many benefits occur. You will see most of these entering your life and causing rapid improvements with just ninety days of regular practice of this program. The benefits you can expect with this online stress management program are:

  1. Relaxation of the brain and feeling more calm.
  2. Lower dependence on external sources for remaining involved in life.
  3. Improving the endocrine functions and restoring hormonal balance.
  4. Stress reduction leads to improvement in work as well as interpersonal interactions.
  5. Prevention and reduction of many diseases; most of which are caused by stress.

In short this program when practiced on a daily basis for even twenty to twenty five minutes will start changing your life a lot. If you practice this for a year with the correct nutrition plans and exercise, walking or online yoga will ensure that you will be a changed person.

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