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stress relief through color coding

We all wonder about stress relief, stress management and the causes of stress. There are quite a few things we already know, like diet, work load, lack of activity and many other factors which impact stress. However, there is also a connection between colors and stress. This is hardly known but is subtle and works well over the medium to long term.

Poets and literature have spoken about colors being linked to emotions. This is more of imagination. However, there is an actual link between colors and stress. Not only that, colors have an impact on the way you think. There are various aspects of psychology explored in India and one of them is colors and their impact on the human mind.

Blacks, dark grey and very dark shades tend to make you lethargic and morbid. You will be more prone to thinking grey thoughts and try to spend more time on negative aspects and build a tendency to become a night creature. Such persons like clubbing, partying and get tired. They can be moody and contemplative and can also feel low a lot of times. It is time to start avoiding such colors for your home, clothes, furniture and vehicles.

Bright colors aggravate and excite you. This is definitely not good for stress. Bright red, oranges, rich pinks and purples are all shades which can cause anxiety. They may look nice on you or around your home but are only good for children who need to be active all the time. If you are an adult and going through various pressures at your workplace, college or personal life, it is not the best of things to remain mentally agitated.

The best colors for well being and stress reduction are the ones which are light and mimic nature. The color white, all pastel shades and colors like sunny yellow, sky blue, leaf green, ivory, light pink, etc. are the ones with a positive impact. Out of these the best colors are white and pastels. Surround yourself with these to be calm and reduce anxiety. So try and do up your interiors and furnishings in pastels or natural shades with a predominance of white. If you need some great stress management programs to match these shades then visit us on:

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