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By newblog | August 1st, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Everyone has been wondering as to what is the ideal meal. There have been various studies conducted especially by WHO. There has been another interesting diet research done which corroborates the previous studies.

An extensive research done by the Government of India with the help of a large panel of doctors in India has come out with the composition of an ideal meal. Your two major meals (lunch and dinner) should consist of one grain, one pulse or cereal, seasonal green vegetable, a salad and yogurt (curds) or buttermilk. This is supposed to be the perfect diet when cooked lightly with some condiments and less of cooking medium like oil, butter or ghee.

Well, they could have just said that a homely Indian thali is the best. For thousands of years now, this is precisely how the Indians have been eating their meals. Lunch and dinner consists of  Dal (pulse), roti or rice (cereal), sabzi (vegetable), salad, raita (yogurt with herbs) and chaas (buttermilk).

Our grandparents and ancestors were right about food. Junk the junk food and get back to our regular vegetarian home food. You will not need the services of any dietitian. The problem occurs when we over cook our food or use too much of cooking medium. If we learn to cook our ‘thali’ well, we will be eating very healthy by default and get all necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals.  Opt for a healthy vegetarian diet plan incorporating these elements on: