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Walking is the best form of exercise you can do. Walking has multiple benefits. It is very good for diabetes, blood pressure and staying fit. It is suitable for all ages and helps improve sleep quality, blood circulation and the quality of blood. It helps better oxygen intake and improves digestion. In addition, it also helps provide a gentle massage to the heart and is excellent for persons with cardiovascular problems. In the long run, walking is much better than weight training and intense cardio for longevity and health. It is suitable for all age groups. A few tips to make your walk very effective and enjoyable:

ü  Walk at a brisk pace if you are doing it as an exercise.

ü  Walk at a fixed time every day.

ü  Walk at a medium pace if doing it to relax. Don’t be too slow or too fast.

ü  Do not think while walking. Enjoy the surroundings.

ü  Walk in a place where there is greenery and trees.

ü  Do not talk while you walk.

ü  Do not listen to music.

ü  Take steady breaths.

ü  Walk a few times a day; at least 3 to 4 times. If at work, get up and keep moving or make it a habit to walk around for 5 minutes instead of taking coffee breaks.

ü  Walk for 15 minutes before your lunch. If in an office, climb up and down the stairs before having your meal.

ü  After your meal, take a short stroll for 5 minutes before sitting down.

If you are not walking, start right away. Even if you exercise in a gym or in classes, make it a point to walk at least a couple of times a week with a lot of focus and joy. Just 3 months of regular walking and you will be a changed person. Multiply the effects of walking by opting for one of our yoga programs and an appropriate diet plan.        

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