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fast weight loss tips

One of the most important challenges these days is one of weight loss. The World is putting on fat a rapid rate. This is now also a trend in lower income groups and rural areas. Awareness is increasing and people are now trying out different solutions for weight loss. They take online yoga programs or opt for diet consultation. Some may also start exercising.

Even after a lot of effort, have you ever wondered why a lot of people continue to remain fat or do not lose as much weight as required? This same trend is also being found in many individuals who are otherwise healthy and even persons who exercise regularly. We work hard, we workout hard and we generally take good care of ourselves given our time limitations. Even after a lot of focus and effort, a lot of us remain fat or do not lose weight as desired. This is especially true for women. Even children are now facing a similar challenge. That of fast weight loss

This is happening because most of our diets today have become acidic in nature. Food can be either acidic or alkaline. If we look at the ayurveda or Yoga systems of diet, there are three types of food. However, the focus is on maintaining the balance of food as close to the body’s constitution as possible. The higher the intake of acidic foods, the greater the chances of diseases, cold, coughs, digestion and immunity problems. Why we need to take care of this is to align food with our internal body. The body is at a certain level. If we eat food or drinks which are not aligned to the body, then it causes fat gain. Stubborn fat builds up and fast weight loss is not possible. 

Most of the times we eat a lot of acidic foods without realizing. Examples of such foods are processed foods, preserved foods, processed sugars, alcohol, fried food, spicy food, refined flour, chilies, meats, salt, tea and coffee. All these disturb the body physiology and gradually lead to weight management problems and stress

The body starts getting acidic with such foods and this prevents effective digestion and elimination resulting in more fat starting to get stored in the body. The weight gained due to these kind of food and beverages is very stubborn and does not go away even with regular exercise. This is most noticeable on the waist and hips in women and the ‘tyre’ around the waist in men and the ‘pot belly’.

The solution is simple. Start eating more alkaline foods. Simply stated, these are fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, less salt and sugar and more freshly cooked food. Avoid beverages and meats and you will automatically feel the difference. All our online diet plans are aligned to the body’s requirements and ‘alkaline’ in nature.

However, there are times when you need something specific. This is in case of any ailment or disease. If you do have such an issue you can opt for a diet consultation from our experts. 

By Team Wellzee | October 11th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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