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Background To Weight Gain

More than one third of all individuals are classified as overweight in many countries. These numbers are increasing by the day. In fact it has reached a stage, that even babies are now born clinically over weight. The other interesting feature of this phenomenon is that increases with an increase in individual incomes and also with an increase in the GDP of a nation. This means that the more prosperous you are, the more fat you become and also unhealthy. Therefore, health care costs are spiraling across the world.

Causes For Weight Gain

Individuals become fat due to a variety of reasons:

  • Incorrect lifestyles
  • Lack of adequate or proper sleep
  • Sleeping late and getting up late
  • Wrong eating habits
  • Stress
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Fear of going outdoors
  • Getting used to a lot of comfort
  • Over nutrition due to rising incomes
  • Excess protein intake
  • Use of plastics
  • Increasing use of beverages like colas, alcohol, coffee and tea
  • Pollution in food, water and air
  • Noise pollution; etc.

It has rarely been found that weight gain is genetic or due to medical reasons. There could be a few such individuals but the percentage is really miniscule. So the persons who blame obesity on heredity, thyroid or PCOS should do some introspection.

Identifying If You Are Overweight

There are many ways of finding out if you are overweight in an unhealthy way. There are some individuals who are chubby since childhood or may have a naturally higher fat content. Some become fat later on and yet others put on some weight but not too much. It is therefore important to find out if you need to worry about your self. We need not even measure our body fat to find out if we are over weight. There are many ways to figure out if you have genuinely put on weight or not:

  • Eating more than before.
  • Eating the same amounts of food at all ages. Food requirement goes down with each passing decade.
  • Eating the same amount of food irrespective of reduced physical activity
  • Not listening to your body. Eating unhealthy.
  • Binge eating or stress related eating even two to three times a year can lead to weight gain.
  • Measuring your body fat percentages and weight to hip ratios.
  • Change in body structure. If you are almost the same in your teenage years as well as you are now, then you are fine. Else, you may assume that some excess weight has crept in.

Solutions For Weight Loss

There are many ways available to weight loss. There are clinics, surgery, supplements and fad diets. These are the ‘not so good ways’ to weight loss. Then we have exercising like weight training, sports, cardiovascular exercises and so on. Each individual can select something based on their own nature, age and lifestyle.

Yoga Asanas Are The Best Solution

The best solution to safe weight loss is to practice yoga asanas on a daily basis. There is a myth that asanas are slow and take a long to have an impact. In fact, practicing religiously on a daily basis has shown that there is a lot of weight loss which starts happening in just ninety days. This holds true for every single individual who practices regularly and with the right approach and attitude.

Asanas try to take the body to its best possible natural state. Also, if you practice with involvement, food cravings go away and a lot of times, the body feels comfortable even without too much food. You become much more energetic as well as relaxed. So you land up working more, eating less, getting less stressed and sleeping very well. The body’s metabolism changes to make it lean and healthy.

The other big advantage is that it is completely safe and quite effortless. There is no sweating or feeling tired. In addition, it builds up your immune system and gets rid of diseases. So why not practice asanas from today? You will find the best weight loss yoga programs and fitness programs on wellzee.


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