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How Yoga Can Heal Your Life

Healing has always been a part of our life. We often get hurt and sometimes life even seems to crash down right in front of our eyes. The most common yet inseparable reason of hurtful moments of our life are due to unfulfilled expectations that take up heavy forms of disappointments. Life will bring us down and it depends on us how we overcome and deal with it.

There comes a time when we feel helpless and lost. We often look for a helping hand and cry in despair on failing to find one. There are many remedial acts that are designed to heal us and restore inner peace. Yoga is one of the scientifically proven ways to heal after getting lost in our life. Yoga is not just an exercise but it’s an art of life. Performing asanas have revolutionary effects on one’s lifestyle and soothe mind, body, and soul; no matter what is tearing us apart inside.

Here are some mindful ways that are designed to heal you through practicing Yoga-

1. Keeps stress at bay- According to many kinds of research and studies, Yoga is said to be a highly responsive practice and is found to treat us. It lowers heart rate and keeps stresses at bay.  It eliminates cortisol, a hormone secreted in times of stress and when one is in depression causing episodes.

2. Strengthens immune structure- Yoga has properties that are designed to fight harmful elements and disease-causing virus out of our system strengthening our immune system. Yoga postures tend to improve the working of our lymphatic system, fights infections and flushes toxins out of our body.

3. Provides flexibility- Yoga asanas provides flexibility and elasticity to our body and loosens rigidly tight muscles allowing us to be more motion oriented and free. People who are labeled as “genetically inflexible” have announced being more flexible and in control of their bodies. Regular yoga practices are bringing people inch by inch closer to a more relaxed and stress-free life.

4. Infuse energetic vibes- Yoga is a very powerful and energy-building exercise designed for every part of our body. Core areas of Yoga are the muscles of your knees, back, legs, chest, and arms region. Regular yoga practice prevents many problems like arthritis and is a way to heal your inner self and provides confidence.

5. Improves mood-  Yoga is all about balance and restoration of equilibrium. The best way to heal is to forget what causing hurt. Depressed mood is because of the distractions we are to face each day and the resultant stress. Practice yoga regularly and live life to the fullest.

So if you are struggling, crushing it through the day and night; give yourself a little break and Yoga it out!

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