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9 Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yogah’ which means to unite. The ultimate goal of yoga is to detach oneself from the material world and unite with the god.  It is a practice to align mind and body through various postures while focusing on your breath. It is more than just stretching and twisting, as it enables your body to receive energy, live in the present moment and become one with the universe as you are no different from it.

Practicing yoga can be quite beneficial physically, mentally as well as spiritually in many ways.  A few these are as follows:

  1. It alleviates stress:  Scientifically, it reduces the secretion of the stress hormone, which ultimately promotes relaxation.  While you concentrate on the practice, your mind slowly gets rid of all the random thoughts that were plaguing it. Hence, it combats stress and uplifts your mood as well.

  1. Helps in anxiety management and combats depression:  With controlled breathing exercises and strong focus, yoga can help overcome anxiety. It helps you stay in the present and gives a sense of peace and tranquility while releasing negativity.

  1. Brings a positive outlook to life: The controlled breathing and body movements teaches you self- control in life. It stabilises the hormones and brings positivity. Moreover, it improves self-esteem and boosts confidence.

  1. Improves memory and concentration: Your mind becomes less stressful leading to enhanced blood circulation which helps to expand memory. Furthermore, it sharpens your brain and yoga practice and coordination helps you pay attention to detail.

  1. Improves health:  It helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood as your circulation increases and your body fat burns. It also keeps body glucose levels in check.

  1. Improves metabolism: Yoga helps in achieving the ideal weight by improving metabolism. It activates the digestive tract and stomach related problems such as gas, ingestion and bloated stomach eliminate quickly. Moreover, yoga heals your body and strengthens the immune system.

  1. No premature aging: Yoga helps in eliminating toxins from the body, relieves stress, and trains your body for strength. Hence, keeping premature aging at bay.

  1. Makes you self aware: When you are accustomed to practicing yoga regularly, you become aware of your body and its movements. Furthermore, slowly your body starts to work in union with the mind, making you understand before reacting to anything.

  1. Improves breathing: While doing yoga, you start to consume lesser air, which makes your body work efficiently. On the other hand, as you extract oxygen-rich air due to controlled breathing, you feel energised, keeping fatigue at bay.

Yoga has multiple health, spiritual and mental benefits which makes it more than just a workout.  We, at Wellzee, give you the best offers on yoga programs, designed specifically according to your needs and requirements.

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