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By newblog | July 30th, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT



There are many reasons for getting muscle aches and pains. Some of the main reasons for these aches and pains are:

– Lack of activity. A sedentary lifestyle leads to aches and pains. Conversely, if you are physically active, you hardly get pains.

– Sudden over straining is another cause. Most of the times, we do not realize when we strain ourselves. It is much later (sometimes even after a few days) that we realize we have some pain

– If we are over doing exercise, even then we can get aches and pains. So either we land up exercising a lot or do not exercise at all. Both of these are a problem.

– Wrong postures. Continuously having wrong postures leads to long term damage and pains. This is not just related to seated postures but also the way we stand, walk, lie down and sleep.

– Lack of sleep is another important cause for these kind of pains. Stretching through the night and have restless sleep needs to be looked into.

Mental Stress has been found to be another major factor. This is surprising but true. Various researches have shown that even though you may have no pathology or physical cause for pain, you may still get chronic aches and pains. This has been found to be linked to a lot of mental stress. If you are going through deadlines, interpersonal problems or conflict at the workplace, more often than not, you may experience pains in different parts of the body.


In today’s day and age everyone gets this problem. Kids, youngsters, adults and senior citizens; all of them get these kind of problems at some point of time or another.

Individuals in all age groups can get muscle pain and aches. A lot of times we are aware but ignore the pain, till it gets progressively acute. Such aches could be a dull throbbing pain, stiffness or muscular spasms. Even though these do not cause any disability, these may gradually build up into orthopedic problems. Some of the most important causes of such aches and pains are wrong postures, long hours working at a desk, prolonged exertion, lack of rest and even mental stress. Even a physically active person who may be exercising regularly may face this problem if there is lack of rest or mental stress. Some of the more common kinds of pains are the ones below and you may be able to relate to them:

        1)  A niggling lower back ache which comes and goes. Sometimes it remains for a longer duration. When you go to the orthopaedic doctor and get a test done, the doctor will tell you there is no physiological problem at all and you wonder why it is happening.

        2)  Aches between the neck and shoulder and may be accompanied by a ‘crick’ in the neck. Another common problem is frozen shoulders.

         3)  Lumbar region pains or heaviness which cannot be explained.

K      4) Knee and ankle aches and sudden wrist pain, tenseness in the fingers and elbow problems.

         The causes can be tackled at various levels but the most important and obvious one is to provide your body with the correct form of stretching and physical movement. This also has to be combined with adequate relaxation.

       All of these can be achieved completely with only one discipline, which is Yoga. Regular practice ensures that you remain very and do not get any of these problems.

V     Various researches have shown that practicing asanas in the correct way for as short a duration as twenty minutes a day; from between three to six months helps to get rid of all such problems, permanently. Start with a good online Yoga program right away from wellzee.