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By newblog | December 27th, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT

There is a lot of noise we have to bear which has some effects of stress on the body. A constant humming of appliances, noise of the traffic, sound of television, radio, music systems, ear phones, public functions, loud speakers and various other noises continuously pervade our system.

This constant chatter and elevated levels of noise around you start impacting you. The impact is caused due to three factors:
– Continuous exposure to noise irrespective of the sound levels. There is not even a moment’s solitude to calm the mind and get it to relax even at night. This chatter continues in the brain even while we are sleeping. This disturbs our thought patterns and alters our functioning.
– The kind of noise we are exposed to. Disjointed, screeching and mindless sound is what we are exposed to. None of what we listen today is soothing and calming. Even the music is extremely fast paced, loud and devoid of any calm. This kind of noise is not in harmony with the body and our frequencies. The net result is mental and physiological disturbances.
– We are exposed to very high levels of noise. This is what we call decibels. There are various decibel levels prescribed in various countries but in reality we are exposed to high noise levels. This itself is bad and various researches have thrown up the ill effects of loud sounds.


All the above three factors cause actual physiological and mental stress without you even realizing it. Next time you want to pump up the volume, listen to television or music with headphones or with the volume turned up or spend a lot of time in a night club, do think twice.

Long term exposure to noise and high sound levels lead to:

  • impacting the immune system
  • become more prone to diseases and fevers
  • cause internal fatigue and eventually lead to more serious ailments
  • The other drawbacks are becoming irritable, increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • getting into anger management issues
  • It also impairs thought processes

A good solution is to go silent each day for at least a couple of hours. Learn to stay without noise or sound. Talk less on the phone. Try watching audio visual content at a low volume. Get rid of the home theatres. Reduce the bass and the volume on your music player. Go silent and feel the difference. Opt for one of our stress management solutions at


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We all talk about a balanced diet plan from a perspective of health or weight management. However, there are various ingredients which can help to heal the body. There are various herbs and naturopathy or ayurvedic remedies available. At different points of time, some herb or the other gets promoted as a wonder food and when the fad dies out, there is another super food waiting.

However, there is one universal super food and is also one of the most effective natural healer. This is turmeric. It is consumed regularly in most parts of India as a colouring or flavouring agent or as a spice. Indians therefore are regular consumers of turmeric by default as it is part of seasoning powders or recipes for most preparations in India. Indians also firmly believe that turmeric is an essential part of balanced diet plan.

Fresh turmeric boiled with milk and had as a beverage has many healing and immunizing properties. Turmeric water (turmeric boiled in hot water) has similar properties. Gargling with this water helps keep away gum disease in addition to cleansing the throat and imparting a clear voice.

It is good for colds, coughs, asthma, flu, sore throat, infections of the mouth and throat, sores, ulcers, etc. It can heal the body from inside.
Turmeric paste applied externally works as an antiseptic and healer. It is good for wounds and cuts including cuts in the mouth or gums.

Face packs made with turmeric as an ingredient are very good for healing the skin. The complexion glows and it helps get rid of acne, pimples and rough and dry skin.

There are various researches being conducted which are highlighting cancer fighting properties of turmeric. There are many other benefits as well. So without any delay incorporate some turmeric in your daily diet.


By newblog | December 2nd, 2013 | LEAVE A COMMENT

High blood pressure salt intake is an important balance to maintain for good health. The body needs essential salts to function. Salt is required to maintain cellular processes and osmotic pressure. An imbalance or reduction of salts gradually starts causing problems. The problems start with slightly elevated blood pressure. This gradually increases if we do not change our lifestyle or diet.

Most of the salt the body requires is derived from our daily intake of food and drinks. Most of the foods we have contain salt in some form. The salt we use for cooking is actually just to enhance taste and not for any salt requirements.

Most of the fast food, packaged & processed foods or foods at restaurants have a high salt content. There are various additives which contain hidden salt and adding too much of these can also increase salt intake without us realizing it. Every packaged, baked or processed foods from outside contain hidden salt in large quantities.

Excess salt will start inducing physiological stress in the body due to an imbalance in the cellular processes of the body. One of the first signs of continued high intake of salt is higher blood pressure. A little excess salt by itself may not give you high blood pressure but excess salt combined with stress may make you hypertensive. A bit of excess salt once in a while to enhance taste is fine, but too much of it on a regular basis may cause problems.

The ideal daily consumption of added salt is not more than one teaspoon of salt per person. Even if you do feel like having just a little more salt, stick to unprocessed natural rock salt. Alternatively, squeeze lime juice in your food. It reduces the requirement for salt.

Beginning to take care of you is very simple. Start with reducing salt intake and opt for our blood pressure program