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By Team Wellzee | May 31st, 2016 | LEAVE A COMMENT



There is a lot of focus these days on eating correctly. The World over, various debates are raging as to what is the correct way to eat. There is constant debate going on especially as to how much carbohydrates, fats or proteins one should eat. There are for and against camps for everything. Add to this various fad diets like ketogenic diet plans, caveman plans and others, and the utter confusion is completed. In all of this clutter, it is therefore, essential to figure out what is important. Let us look at some interesting facts and researches related to diet and nutrition.


–          There is now no significant evidence to show that having good quality natural fats is bad for health. You can have all milk based products including butter and cheese. The problem with cheese and butter is the quantity of salt in it.

–          Ghee made of milk is superbly healthy and required by the body.

–          Full fat milk is the best, preferably non-pasteurized.

–          Good quality, cold pressed oils are good for health and required daily in small quantities.

–          Palm oil, vegetable ghee and margarine is not so good and needs to be avoided.

–          Good quality fats do not lead to high cholesterol. It is processed foods, sugar, fried food, pastries, refined flours, red meat and excess of grains which causes health problems.

–          High cholesterol by itself means nothing and is not shown to increase the risk of heart problems.

–          Eating ‘non-balanced’ diets in the wrong quantities leads to problems.

–          High amounts of protein are not good for health. If you are having lots of protein, please reduce the same unless you are a body builder or athlete. Most individuals can make do with 15 grams to 30 grams of protein in a day and remain perfectly healthy.

–          Vegetables and fruits are the secret to good health.

–          The body needs all types of nutrients, including micro-nutrients. The quantities vary depending on

These are just some of the interesting facts related to diet and nutrition. There is so much more available, but it is all lost in the clutter of fad diets, doctor’s lobbies, food processing industry, so-called nutrition experts and other vested interests.


Interestingly, there is no right combination applicable to any individual. You have to find out for yourself what is the right combination of nutrients to eat. All of these vary between individuals and even for an individual based on the following:

–          Age of the person.

–          Activity levels.

–          Sleep levels.

–          Stress levels.

–          Exercise and physical activities.

–          Nature of profession or job.

–          Season plays a big role in diet. Based on weather and season, your diet should undergo a change.

–          Sex of the individual does not matter much. The only time, nutrition or diet may vary for women is during pregnancy and during menopause. Else it’s pretty much the same for men and women.

So all of this tells us that we need to watch out for ourselves and be observant. Nutrition and diet is more of a process and we need some great guidelines to get us going. The best guidelines about diet and nutrition are to be found on the frequently asked questions section on this site. This will help dispel a lot of myths about eating and remaining healthy through a good diet.


Now that we have figured out that we are our own masters so long as diet is concerned, let us start building our own balanced diet plans and eat for good health. To help you with this task, opt for these awesome diet plans. In case you have any health issues, then opt for our customized online diet consultation and plans.