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By Team Wellzee | October 30th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing lifestyle diseases, especially in South Asia. More and more people are getting diabetes even though in a lot of cases it is not genetic or hereditary. It is extimated that in the next few years, India will have more than 10 million diabetics. This figure only reflects those who check and know that they have this disease. There are a huge number of people who remain unaware till they get some other major disease. This number will only grow at a rapid pace.

Diabetes is growing at rapid pace because it is becoming as much of a lifestyle disease as a genetic one. What this means is that even though there are very few people or no one in your family having diabetes, you can get it as easily. Once can no longer be complacent thinking they will not get it because they are not genetically prone. This happens due to not having a balanced diet plan, lack of exercise, stress and sleep problems. A combination of these factors including processed food and a polluted enviroment add to the problem.

A balanced life is required to manage diabetes if you already have or keep it away if you do not have it. A balanced life not only means exercise or eating right. There are a few things to be done in case you already have diabetes:

  • Make sure that you have a healthy and balanced diet plan and always eat in moderation. It is better to eat a bit less and eat frequently when you feel hungry, rather than overeating. Your stomach should be empty by 25% at every meal. Never mind if you feel like eating again in a couple of hours. Also try and avoid sugar laden foods, processed foods and drinks and heavy to digest food items.
  • Discipline and routines are very important especially eating and sleeping at the right times. It is important to sleep early and wake up early. If you sleep late and wake up late, the effect of sleep is negated. It is also the time at which you sleep and wake up, that is important. Routines mean eating at the same time every day, sticking to time schedules and avoid variations.
  • Exercise is important for diabetes. The best exercise for diabetes is walking. Walk daily if you can or at least four to five times a week. Walk for at least thirty to forty five minutes daily in a garden or in an external environment. This is very good for health.
  • Practice a good online Yoga program at least five days a week. There have been researches conducted in some India universities and Yoga institutes which have shown that there is a dramatic decrease in blood sugar levels by practicing yoga and making lifestyle changes. In a study it was found that on regular yoga practice, almost 100% of all participants reported significant changes and 30% to 50% actually reached normal sugar levels within just 6 months.

Therefore, In case you want to manage, reduce or get rid of diabetes, take our online Yoga for Diabetes program and combine it with a customized diet consultation for diabetes


By Team Wellzee | October 25th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

We have all heard from childhood that it is not good to lie. We also have various faiths and religions talking about truthfulness and that lying is a sin. This is more from an ethical or moral view. However, in this article we are going to talk about stating the truth to remain healthy. There is a surprisingly curious connection between health and lying. Truthfulness is one of the key aspects of not only Yoga philosophy but also of every other Indian philosophy.

Not saying lies or telling the truth was thought to be more from a perspective of spiritual progress. In today’s modern day, most of us think this to be an impractical concept. We all have lied in some way or another and continue to do so; sometimes even without realizing it. We also take comfort by telling ourselves that the ends justify the means. We also think that small ‘white lies’ are fine so long as they apparently do not hurt anyone. However, the fact is that lies may or may not harm others. But they definitely harm the person who lies.

This connection has been brought out by a research done by the University Of Notre Dame with some interesting results. It has been found that if you say the truth when you are tempted to lie, you actually improve your mental as well as physical health. The more you stick to the truth, the healthier you will be. Telling the truth also resulted in much lower stress and turned out to be an automatic stress management technique. Saying the truth also helps us to maintain peace of mind as we do not have to worry about being ‘discovered’ or make more stories to cover up a lie. This removes a major chunk of stress and agitation from the mind.

So surprisingly, even to remain physical healthy, we should stop telling lies. It will actually make you fit and less prone to diseases. Stress management will come naturally and you will get peace of mind. So start making this a habit. The best to train yourself to say the truth is to practice Yoga.

One of the most powerful philosophies to lead life is Yoga. The first step of Yoga in the eight fold path or ashtanga yoga talks about the Yamas. Yamas mean our conduct with the external world. There are five yamas and the second yama is truthfulness (Satya). It is an attitude we need to develop and work upon. The other four are non-violence (ahinsa), non-stealing (asteya), control on senses (brahmacharya) and non-greed or non-covetousness (aparigraha).

Even though truthfulness is difficult, regular practice of asanas with the correct mental attitude will help inculcate this value over a period of time. Asanas, which are physical in nature also help train the mind if done with concentration and the right attitude.

Opt for one of our online Yoga programs, especially in the stress management section and help build values in life. Start your connection with yoga programs and stress management programs to start becoming truthful and healthy.  


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There is a large part of the population across the World which has alcohol regularly or occasionally. Most of us do not think twice before consuming small quantities of alcohol. There are many people who also have a lot of alcohol and indulge in binge drinking.

There has been a lot researched and written about alcohol. There are also so called researches which are sponsored by the alcohol companies stating how wine is good or beer is good. However, the fact remains that alcohol in any form is not good for the body and mind.

Forget the accidental benefits to be found in wine or beer as claimed at times. Those benefits are not because it is wine or beer. Those benefits are there due to the grapes or the barley. Why should we then not just eat grapes or have barley water? Further none of these industry sponsored researches talk about the negative aspects. So the next time someone says alcohol is good in moderation, do remember this fact.

Alcohol has been found to be linked with over SIXTY diseases including some forms of cancer. Alcohol also constitutes ‘empty calories’. Even if you have alcohol in moderation there is no nutritive value at all. It consists of pure sugars which get absorbed by the body very quickly. So alcohol adds to unwanted sugars over and above your diet. Excess sugar gets stored as glucose, cholesterol and fat in the body. The processing and elimination of alcohol sugars also puts an extra load on the liver and kidneys, thus damaging them.

Anyone who has had alcohol over a period of time will also know that it causes disturbed sleep or reduces sleep. One can also become alcohol dependent for sleep. In addition, it plays havoc with the digestive system, gradually leading to related disorders and extreme physiological stress.

The psychological effects of alcohol are well known. Risky behavior, aggression, accidents and rapes are all linked to alcohol consumption. Our mind is not in control and we do and say things which get back to us. This reinforces extreme stress and stress causing behavior. Hangover is nothing but extreme physiological and mental stress. Regular drinking of alcohol dulls the mind slowly. You may become prone to depression. Drinking after long stretches of time also has the same effect. Which means that you are better off not drinking at all. Binge drinking is another problem area. It is much worse than having alcohol in moderation. When you drink a lot of alcohol all at once, it puts the system in ‘shock’. The next time you talk with pride about being able to ‘hold your drinks’ well, think twice. You are slowly killing yourself.

Do not believe anything the news reports or researches may say about red wine or any other forms of alcohol. There are too many side effects of alcohol and there are adequate impartial global studies to support this. You are asking for trouble if you have it. It is better to have a balanced diet plan and other healthy beverages. 


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There is a contradiction these days. We all want to lose weight or become fit, but we are not aware what not to eat or drink. Many times, we may be aware but still have things we are not supposed to. Once we start becoming fat, we search for online diet plans to lose weight. One of the things to be avoided are all forms of sweetened drinks whether colas, energy drinks or even packaged juices.

There is ample research and evidence around to show that sweetened drinks sweetened with sugar or with sugar free substitutes and soft drinks not only make you fat but also unhealthy.

Even fruit juices can make you fat. They are put forward as a health drink but even the unsweetened juices contain a lot of sugar. There are many varieties of natural fruit juices which contain the same or greater amount of sugar than soft drinks or other sweetened drinks. This is because, fruits contain fructose, which is pure sugar. When we only take the juice, what we are essentially doing is getting rid of the healthy fiber and nutrients and only consuming the raw concentrated sugar with just a few nutrients. So having juices all the time thinking we will be healthy or lose weight is incorrect.

Regular consumption of sweet drinks (whether natural, with added sugar or with sugar free substitutes) changes your metabolism in the following ways:

  • They dull the perception of sugars, so eventually you tend to drink or eat more sugary drinks and food. This leads to sugar insensitivity and leads to having more sugar and storing more sugar. The net result is fat and diabetes.
  • Muscle performance is negatively impacted by sugar. Internal muscles sense sugars and become less efficient even in the future. Too much of sugar is not good even for the muscles. One should therefore, take a balanced diet plan from to eat correctly.
  • The cells in the body quickly get used to sugars as a direct fuel, leading to a fat and glucose build up. This is because there are only two ways in which the body can store and release energy. All energy in the body, especially sugar, is stored as fat. The body can only use energy when released in the form of sugar (glucose).
  • This results in a cycle of sugar and fat leading to problems; core and stubborn fat retention and diabetes and related future diseases.

Substitute soft drinks, colas and juices with milk, green tea, herbal tea, fresh lime juice, buttermilk, smoothies or milk shakes. Add only a little sugar to taste (half to one teaspoon maximum) in any of these drinks.

To eat healthy, opt for our online diet plans. They have minimal to negligible sugar and will still tickle your taste buds.


By Team Wellzee | October 11th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

One of the most important challenges these days is one of weight loss. The World is putting on fat a rapid rate. This is now also a trend in lower income groups and rural areas. Awareness is increasing and people are now trying out different solutions for weight loss. They take online yoga programs or opt for diet consultation. Some may also start exercising.

Even after a lot of effort, have you ever wondered why a lot of people continue to remain fat or do not lose as much weight as required? This same trend is also being found in many individuals who are otherwise healthy and even persons who exercise regularly. We work hard, we workout hard and we generally take good care of ourselves given our time limitations. Even after a lot of focus and effort, a lot of us remain fat or do not lose weight as desired. This is especially true for women. Even children are now facing a similar challenge. That of fast weight loss

This is happening because most of our diets today have become acidic in nature. Food can be either acidic or alkaline. If we look at the ayurveda or Yoga systems of diet, there are three types of food. However, the focus is on maintaining the balance of food as close to the body’s constitution as possible. The higher the intake of acidic foods, the greater the chances of diseases, cold, coughs, digestion and immunity problems. Why we need to take care of this is to align food with our internal body. The body is at a certain level. If we eat food or drinks which are not aligned to the body, then it causes fat gain. Stubborn fat builds up and fast weight loss is not possible. 

Most of the times we eat a lot of acidic foods without realizing. Examples of such foods are processed foods, preserved foods, processed sugars, alcohol, fried food, spicy food, refined flour, chilies, meats, salt, tea and coffee. All these disturb the body physiology and gradually lead to weight management problems and stress

The body starts getting acidic with such foods and this prevents effective digestion and elimination resulting in more fat starting to get stored in the body. The weight gained due to these kind of food and beverages is very stubborn and does not go away even with regular exercise. This is most noticeable on the waist and hips in women and the ‘tyre’ around the waist in men and the ‘pot belly’.

The solution is simple. Start eating more alkaline foods. Simply stated, these are fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, less salt and sugar and more freshly cooked food. Avoid beverages and meats and you will automatically feel the difference. All our online diet plans are aligned to the body’s requirements and ‘alkaline’ in nature.

However, there are times when you need something specific. This is in case of any ailment or disease. If you do have such an issue you can opt for a diet consultation from our experts. 


By Team Wellzee | October 4th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

Multiple health problems are happening today to everyone across the World. This is due to a variety of factors including, incorrect food, pollution, use of plastic, stress and poor lifestyles. Sleeping late and not have a balanced diet plan is also causing major problems. If we learn to sleep well, half the problems can be reduced. 

However, one of the most important factors for health and managing stress is exercise. It is important to keep moving physically through the day to stay healthy. Nothing works better than moving in different ways such as walking, bending, stretching and twisting. It is also very important to do this throughout the day and not just in one session. We should try and do something physical through the day, at least for four to five times a day.

If someone tells us to exercise or walk three to four times a day we may not be able to do so. This is practically not possible. We may find this to be impossible. The idea is not to do any structured exercise or go to a gym. That would be too strenuous and could damage the body. But there is something simple we can do to maintain perfect health. The best part is that this activity does not require you to go to a gym, or even leave the house. You need not even take separate time out for it at all. It can happen automatically.

Very simply, this wonderful exercise is housework. Do as many household chores as you can. If you do all your work at home on a daily basis, you will not require going to a gym. All the things we should do regularly are:

  • Dusting, cleaning & mopping. Clean your entire house daily and put things back in place as an exercise.
  • Cook your own food. Avoid takeaways, pre-packaged or ready to eat and partially cooked food.
  • Run errands and do odd jobs. Fix things in the house of you can and do all your grocery and vegetables shopping three to four times a week instead of ordering online or doing weekly shopping. All of this is very beneficial.

Women used to be much healthier and get fewer diseases two to three decades ago. But this has changed dramatically and even young women are getting lifestyle diseases and cardiovascular problems in the same proportion as men. One of the key reasons is giving up housework and the use of automated appliances. The other one is the lack of a balanced diet plan.

Housework is also therapeutic for stress. Try it the next time you are ‘down’ or feeling low. Instead of sitting in front of the TV watching football or soaps; just clean out your cupboard or house or garage or iron clothes. Or maybe cook something. It would also be good to stop chatting or posting on Facebook.

To help you incorporate physical movements in your daily life, it would be a good idea to opt for one of our online Yoga programs, especially the express routine. It just takes around fifteen minutes and can be done twice a day.


By Team Wellzee | October 1st, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

There are many natural and health foods we can eat for stress management. We normally wonder about what kind of healthy salads or vegetables or fruits to eat from a health or weight perspective. However, there is another angle to this; one of stress management. Foods impact stress. If you have stress, eating in a certain way helps to make you calm. 

All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables help greatly in stress management. It is now known that what you eat impacts your mind frame and your thought process impacts your body or health. Someone has rightly said, ‘you are what you eat’. Therefore eating becomes important to even manage your personality. We can make a beginning by putting in the right kind of foods in the body system. We should focus on healthy fruits and vegetables and increase their intake compared to other foods. 

The next logical question would be what are the fruits and vegetables which help in physiological and mental stress management? The answer is quite simple. It is all types of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, there are some tips which can help you eat in a balanced fashion without worrying about which exact fruit or vegetable to have.

  • Eat colours. In a span of the whole week, try and cover most of the colours through fruits and vegetables; green, orange, red, white, yellow. It does not matter if you are having different fruits or vegetables everyday or even at every meal. We need not worry about specific fruits or vegetables. In fact it is better to have different vegetables and fruits all the time as your body will keep getting different kinds of micro nutrients through the week.
  • Citrus or water based fruits and water based vegetables are perfect to have when you are feeling stressed. They are refreshing, healthy and make you feel light. Some of these are watermelon, cucumber, oranges, lemon and so on. Fruits like peaches, pears, plums and grapes are also good.
  • Concentrate on eating a wide variety of seasonal vegetables. The greater the variety, the better it is. So have vegetables other than potatoes, peas and tomatoes. Have lots of light green and dark vegetables as well as green leafy vegetables. Find out a good vegetarian diet plan to have.
  • Do not have tomatoes every day. Treat it as any other vegetable and have them occasionally. Technically, it is a fruit but do not have them on a daily basis. We tend to flavor everything with tomatoes and use them in salads also. But try and see that you are ‘tomato free’ for at least four days in a week.
  • Eat fewer potatoes. In fact you can eliminate them from your diet completely. The lesser the potatoes, the better it is for health. We get enough of starch, carbohydrates and other nutrients from the rest of the food that we have.

Use these guidelines and you will not only become healthy, you will find you will be able to manage stress better. Our balanced diet plans are designed for stress management in addition to being natural and healthy. Take a relevant online diet plan today to be healthy and stress free.