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high blood pressure salt intake

High blood pressure salt intake is an important balance to maintain for good health. The body needs essential salts to function. Salt is required to maintain cellular processes and osmotic pressure. An imbalance or reduction of salts gradually starts causing problems. The problems start with slightly elevated blood pressure. This gradually increases if we do not change our lifestyle or diet.

Most of the salt the body requires is derived from our daily intake of food and drinks. Most of the foods we have contain salt in some form. The salt we use for cooking is actually just to enhance taste and not for any salt requirements.

Most of the fast food, packaged & processed foods or foods at restaurants have a high salt content. There are various additives which contain hidden salt and adding too much of these can also increase salt intake without us realizing it. Every packaged, baked or processed foods from outside contain hidden salt in large quantities.

Excess salt will start inducing physiological stress in the body due to an imbalance in the cellular processes of the body. One of the first signs of continued high intake of salt is higher blood pressure. A little excess salt by itself may not give you high blood pressure but excess salt combined with stress may make you hypertensive. A bit of excess salt once in a while to enhance taste is fine, but too much of it on a regular basis may cause problems.

The ideal daily consumption of added salt is not more than one teaspoon of salt per person. Even if you do feel like having just a little more salt, stick to unprocessed natural rock salt. Alternatively, squeeze lime juice in your food. It reduces the requirement for salt.

Beginning to take care of you is very simple. Start with reducing salt intake and opt for our blood pressure program

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