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Excess Activities & Lifestyle Issues

There is an increasing level of mind related activities these days. Work, multi-tasking, running a family, taking care of kids, internet, social media and much more. The mind is taxed completely. In conjunction with that, we are getting increasingly sedentary. Physical work is going away. Intense exercise once a day has its own challenges and drawbacks. Add to this incorrect eating habits and what we have, is a greatly stressed mind and body. In addition, we are sleeping less and the sleep we get is also not complete or sound.

Impact of Modern Lifestyle

The impact of a modern lifestyle are there for all those who care to see. Non-communicable diseases are dramatically on the rise. Much younger people are getting all kinds of problems and health issues, whether mental or physical. Greatly reduced fertility and sperm counts and many other physiological problems are all an outcome of this.

The Solution

We all seem to be running after a lot of solutions which are actually short cuts and do not address the root. For food, we do not want to control our lifestyle or exercise. Instead we want fad diets and surgeries. Same is the case for physical activity. We think adding gadgets is going to make life better. It only makes it worse. So what is the solution?

The solution is very simple. We need to learn to consciously relax. Conscious relaxation is not the same as sleeping or lying down in bed. It is also not about hypnosis or some mind therapies. It is just about learning to completely relax, mentally, physically and physiologically. Only when you are totally relaxed can your body function well. It is only in a relaxed state of mind that we are able to take proper decisions.


There are various techniques floating around for relaxation. But the best technique for complete relaxation at the cellular level is only Savasana. In fact it is so complete, that many individuals have made a business out of it. They come to India, pick up the instructions and the techniques, re-brand it as their own, throw in some dubious researches or misrepresented studies and make hundreds of millions of dollars. This kind of plagiarism and misuse is something very similar to what has happened with Ayurveda, Asanas (postures), Yoga Stress Management techniques, Pranayama and Kriyas (cleansing processes). 

Why is Savasana so Beneficial?

When we relax in Savasana, we completely let go of ourselves, without falling asleep. There are also certain instructions we give to ourselves. Therefore, relaxation achieved in Savasana is at great depth. It not only relaxes the mind, body and internal organs but also relaxes the subconscious mind and the super-conscious mind.

It relaxes the nervous system to an extent which is so complete, that it is compared to a dead body. When you reach complete relaxation, you can also gently lift the arm of the person and let it go. The arm will bounce gently and the person will not feel anything. Some of the great benefits of Savasana are:

  • Since this is the best anatomical position with no opposition to gravity in any part of the body, all the muscles relax, reducing the metabolic rate.
  • There is no need to circulate the blood with force so the blood pressure and the heart rate come down significantly.
  • Breathing becomes slow and rhythmic. The respiratory system improves.
  • The abdominal muscles tone up, improving digestion.
  • Facial muscles relax, slowing down the propensity for wrinkles
  • Since the mind is relaxed and muscle tension also goes down to a minimum, there is an elimination of stress.
  • There is a permanent tranquility effect which cannot be achieved even by taking tranquilizers or drugs.
  • It is very good for insomnia (inability to sleep well) and hypertension.
  • It is a very good asana to improve energy and alertness while awake.
  • When you practice Savasana for twenty minutes a day every single day, it starts giving many benefits. If you practice daily for a year, it will change your metabolic processes to manage and even eliminate many diseases.
  • Prolonged Savasana practiced over months leads to such complete relaxation, that it starts reducing your requirement to sleep. One of the reasons that Yogis are able to work without any impact with minimal sleep, is their ability to relax and rejuvenate. However, please note that this stage is reached after months or years of practice, with a correct lifestyle and practice of Yamas and Niyamas.
  • Memory sharpens and the conscious and sub-conscious mind start getting ‘tamed’. These cannot then impact your conscious states too much.

With so many benefits, who would not want to practice Savasana daily? All that is required is a quiet place on the floor to lie down and spare twenty to thirty minutes a day. For great Yoga programs which can change your life, select one of the Wellzee online yoga classes.

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