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There are so many health issues cropping up across the world. There is hardly anyone today who is completely fit. If we do not have any major problems then we have inadequate health. We are always just a bit below our efficiency. We get colds and digestive problems more frequently or feel stressed or ‘mentally low’. All of these are signs of potential health problems.

Reasons for Health Challenges

There are so many reasons for health challenges that it is now difficult to pin point anything. In fact, it is a combination of all of them which make it worse. Air pollution, noise pollution, heat, skewed weather, pesticide and hormone laden food, excess non-vegetarian food, use of plastic, stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and so on. In short we are living completely in the opposite fashion from which we are meant to .

Main Solution

The main solution to keeping fit is exercise of some kind. There are many things we could do. Weight lifting at the local gymnasium, running, dancing, swimming, tennis, squash, martial arts, strength training, walking and any other new forms of exercise. Most of us do nothing. Even the ones who do, it is not regular or consistent enough. Either we over do exercise or do it 3 to 4 times a week for an hour everyday.

Exercise Frequency

Do you know that it is advisable to move your body through the day and not just for an hour in the evening or morning? In fact sudden intense exercise combined with a sedentary lifestyle can cause complications. The following are the recommendations for the correct way to exercise:

  • It is actually recommended that you should exercise four to six times a day for short durations (ten to fifteen minutes) through the day.
  • The exercise should be moderate in nature. The idea is not maximize anything or strain yourself.
  • The exercise should include something cardiovascular in nature as well as something weight bearing.
  • The exercise should impart all movements and stretches to the upper and lower body as well as the spinal cord.

Now imagine if exercising in this way is possible. Is there any exercise we can do in this fashion at all? It seems very impractical. However, what if we tell you that there is something you can do which makes this possible? That too without going to a gym or leaving your house or office. You need not even separately schedule your time for this exercise. Too hard to believe, is it not? Read on to find this magic exercise.

The Magic Exercise.

This fabulous and magic exercise is housework. Do as many chores you can do everyday. Try not to use machines. We can also extend this to office. List down what are the things that you can do at home:

  • Dusting, cleaning and mopping. Do this without a vacuum cleaner or a long handled mop. Take a bucket of water, a cloth and mop the floor with your hands, squatting on the floor.
  • Remove cobwebs and clean windows, doors and furniture. Imagine all the stretching and weight bearing work you are doing.
  • Wash your clothes and hang them to dry. Make sure you do not use a washing machine.
  • Clean-up closets and cupboards. If you have a garden, clean that and trim the grass.
  • Cook your own food, right from shopping for groceries from a shop to chopping vegetables to cooking everything fresh. After eating, wash all the dishes, clean them and put them back in the cupboards.
  • Run all your errands as far as possible.
  • Avoid ordering things online. Instead walk to the nearest grocery or medical stores to purchase what you want. Walk down to buy and walk back. Do not use a car if the stores are not too far.

There is enough evidence to show that housework has lots of benefits. This is also to be observed in the previous generations of women from India. Before the seventies, Indian women had a dramatically lower incidence of heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Even Indian men who did some amount of physical work were much healthier and rarely became ill.

One of the main reasons these days for not doing housework is the not just the lifestyle. It is also the fact that we do not want to any physical work. The use of automated appliances is also causing people not to work.

Stress Therapy at Home

It has also been found that doing housework is therapeutic in nature. Next time you are feeling low, or down, or bored, clean out a cupboard, or a garage or some part of your house. Maybe a cook a nice meal (and clean up afterward). Do not watch television or get onto your smart phone.

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