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In previous times, understanding and managing pregnancies was much easier due to joint families and handing down of collective wisdom and experiences. In today’s time, with over-information, fear factor and a fair of number of working ladies in nuclear families, this collective knowledge is getting lost.

This small SERIES ON PREGNANCY seeks to summarise ancient wisdom from India, related to pregnancy, in a concise and easy to understand form.


–       It is essential for both parents to be completely healthy and free of diseases before they decide to conceive.

–       In case of any minor or major diseases or issues, it is essential for them to first get treatment done and cured before trying to conceive.

–       It goes without saying, that it is a good idea for both, husband and wife, to have a health check-up done before conception.

–       This concept is therefore, known as beej shuddhi.


–       It is not just essential to be physically fit and without disease; it is also important to be mentally aligned and in the right frame of mind prior to conception.

–       Unlike the current understanding that it is post – conception, that we need to take care of our thoughts, it is also important to be in the right frame of mind, prior to and during conception.

–       This implies, that for a few months before – hand, both would be parents have to be ‘stress-free’.

–       They should be calm and not be agitated or short-tempered.

–       Thought processes should be positive starting a few months before the decision to conceive.

–       It is believed that the child’s nature, mind-frame, health and intelligence levels are to a large extent dependent on the parents’ minds prior to conception as well.

–       The mind is taken care of by Pranayama, Meditation, Recreation, Hobbies and generally remaining in a joyous mood.


There is a strong importance given to seasons for pregnancy in India. This is due to a variety of factors like weather, wind currents, presence of pollutants, moisture, severe heat, availability of clean water, nutrients, food, etc. which can affect the health of the foetus. The following are therefore, considered to the best seasons for conception:

Spring – Summer and  Winter.

Monsoons and Autumn seasons are to be avoided.

There is lots more to this and in the days to come we will talk more about it. In the meantime, if you are pregnant or know someone who is then opt for this PROGRAM. 

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