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We are all interested in eating right. There are many online diet plans available. However, more than what to eat, it is also important to know when to eat. You could be eating right at all times but if you are not eating at the right times, you could still put on weight. If you are aiming for weight loss programs, this is an aspect one must consider. Eat at regular intervals if you want to manage your weight. You should try and eat four times a day or once in every three hours. Do not eat too much at one sitting. Eat only enough to make sure you are hungry again in three hours. In case you are hungry in-between you could have lime juice or a small cup of milk or a fruit. If you are looking for increasing lean muscle mass and finding fast weight loss tips, then do not skip meals. If you tend to skip meals, the body will hunger more for calories. So you will land up eating more than what is required. The following are the reasons why such a thing happens:

  • When the human body is faced with lack of food at regular intervals, the brain sends out a message to the body that there is a lack of food in the environment. Consistently eating irregularly will send out a message that the human body is probably in a food shortage situation. The body then starts adjusting automatically in a way that it consumes and stores more food than is required. So if you are eating less than three times a day, the body will store more food and try and eat more at each meal. 
  • The body not only stores more food every time we eat, bit it will also store food in the most usable way. This is done in the form of fat which can be released quickly when required. The way the body does this is by releasing energy stored in fat in the form of sugar, glucose, cholesterol and fat. Energy released in this form is instant and can be used to survive long periods of drought and famine or wars. Therefore, we find that human beings can survive for long without enough food.
  • If you have persistently irregular eating habits in terms of less frequency and odd timings, the body will get the signal that you are in a long drawn out food crisis situation like a famine or war. The body starts getting automatically adjusted to behave exactly as if it were in a less food situation like a famine or food shortage.
  • When this happens, the body will store food in the most appropriate form for quick use when required – fat, cholesterol & sugar. This is the best way to store, release and use energy by the human body.
  • The final result of irregular eating is ulcers caused due to acidity, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cardiac problems. These disease may happen even if we are thin or may be exercising regularly.

Opt for one of our online diet plans and switch to eating the right food at the right time. 

By Team Wellzee | September 11th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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