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stress management programs

All of us have faced work related stress at some point of time. Some of us continue to be in a constant state of stress or anxiety due to work pressures. Stress is caused due to deadlines, long working hours, travelling or erratic eating habits. Since we now spend most of our time at work or travelling for work, it is important to manage stress levels through online yoga.

We all know it is not good to be stressed about work but it is inevitable. But we should become more aware and serious about this issue. Why is it becoming so important to do something about this aspect of our work life?

It has been found that job stress makes you old and sick before your natural time. Work stress shortens telomeres which are associated with degeneration and diseases. Telomeres are the protective covering for chromosomes and their shortening has been found to be connected to cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

What role do the Telomeres play? They ensure that the messages reach the chromosomes correctly. So they are not only the protective covering, but they are also the ‘communication channel’ for the DNA. They shorten with age and eventually die. However, some of the cells shorten before time and do not die but start malfunctioning. The malfunctioning may change even our original genetic structure. They send the wrong messages to chromosomes causing genetic errors and damage.

Therefore (as an example), it may not be in your genes to get diabetes. However, the shortening or malfunctioning of the telomeres will change your genes to make them prone to diabetes. The same holds true for all other diseases including cancer. The study was done by a team from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

So there is clear proof now that any level of job stress can cause damage. To protect yourself, opt for one of our stress management programs or counseling. 

By Team Wellzee | August 7th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT