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yoga for seniors, memory

Everyone likes to have a good memory throughout life, including in old age. Memory loss problems is something we would not like to have at all. There are various memory related products and solutions being sold. Some are programs, some are therapy linked solutions and some are over the counter pills or herbal products. Most of these are packaged well and may or may not work in all cases. The pills, herbal products and over the counter medicines are definitely not the solution. Yoga for seniors is one way to tackle this problem for senior citizens, but what about the younger population?

One of the best solutions for increasing memory power in all age groups is sleep. Adequate sleep of at least seven hours a day is required not only for the body but also the mind. Sleeping early and sound sleep for seven to eight hours helps to relax the body, replenish the cells, conserves energy and helps the internal systems to function properly. These are some of the benefits of sleep from a physical point of view.

From a mind point of view, good sleep leads to reducing stress, managing situations better and becoming mentally more productive. Sleep also helps us to remain calm and focused. The best meditation is achieved when we sleep well and dream less. So sleeping is also a habit which needs to be cultivated. Once we follow this, our mind functions better.

One more aspect has been added to this by researchers. Sleep is required for memory consolidation. Which means what you have absorbed and registered in your brain requires to enter the brain’s ‘database’. If you sleep less, then this consolidation gets blocked, resulting in some memories getting lost forever. Even cutting short your sleep for 2-3 hours a day will impact you. So start worrying less about deadlines, reduce late nights and start sleeping well for at least seven to eight hours.

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