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Background to pcos

PCOS is also known as PCOD and is rapidly becoming a fairly major health issue for an increasing number of women. There are different levels of severity and it is not too serious or fatal. The causes are not known as to why this occurs. However, there is an increasing body of research which is pointing to the fact that stress plays a major cause in triggering this condition.

Many a times, stress is deep rooted and not too obvious. So we may think we are not stressed. However, it has become part of our lives and we do not even realize it till it is too late.

causes of pcos

Apart from stress, there are other possible causes for PCOS which are not too clear.

One of the main cause of PCOS is our polluted food and drinks. Everything today has plastic, hormones, chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. This brings about changes in the body and one of the major manifestations is PCOS.

It is assumed that there could be a genetic link. However, this is fairly nebulous. But popular belief states that if your mother or sister has PCOS then you are more likely to get it.

One another reason for PCOS is hormonal imbalances especially an excess of androgen. Androgen is produced in small quantities in women but an excess could cause problems. Excess of androgen is linked to either excess insulin, an insulin / glucose imbalance or external intake of hormones to be found in food and drinks (without our knowledge as pointed out earlier).

Since this is a women centric condition (it would be incorrect to call it a disease), very little of it is spoken about openly. This itself causes a lot of myths and misconceptions and many a times, women are not even aware of the symptoms.

misuse of pcos

Even though PCOS is becoming a health challenge, there is a lot of misuse of this condition by women themselves. Most women do not even get tested, read the symptoms online and justify their health or behavior saying it is PCOS. It avoids a lot of difficult conversations and personal effort especially if you have mood swings, are irritable or putting on weight. This is also now a leading excuse even when there is no PCOS or any other problem. In short, it is a nice and effective argument winner or conversation stopper.

symptoms of pcos

PCOS has certain symptoms. However, it is not essential to have all the symptoms. There could be one or more and in varying degrees only. However, if there are any prolonged symptoms, it is important to see a doctor. Some of the key symptoms are:

–          Periods becoming irregular and in extreme cases periods do not occur at all

–          There is some difficulty in conceiving and getting pregnant due to ovulation failure

–          There may or may not be excessive or sudden increased hair growth on different parts of the body

–          Weight gain is one of the most prominent features of PCOS

–          Hair loss or thinning of hair could be a problem. However, this is difficult to figure out as hair loss has so many other causes.

–          Increase in the oiliness of complexion and regular acne or pimples if you have crossed your teens and twenties.

treatment of pcos

The best possible treatment for PCOS has been found to be exercise, diet, lifestyle changes and stress management. However, if the degree is more severe or prolonged, a doctor may recommend different types of medicines. Some help regulate insulin or blood sugar. Some help to reduce androgen and yet others promote periods or ovulation.

In extreme but rare cases, surgery may be recommended to puncture a part of the ovary and send through an electric current. This destroys a small part of the affected part to promote ovulation, periods and reduce excess production of male hormones. However, this is a short term approach and advised for women who want to conceive.

We shall look at the first option for PCOS which is actually about regulating your lifestyle. Specifically, we shall be talking about the role of Yoga in managing or reversing PCOS.

benefits of yoga in pcos

Yoga brings about many benefits in PCOS. Some of the proven and important ones are:

–          Dramatic reduction in stress levels

–          Reduction in blood sugar levels

–          Normalization of the insulin/sugar levels (known as I/G Level)

–          Stimulating the adrenal glands and getting them to function properly

–          Regulation of hormones and correct production in required quantities

–          Removing co-morbid conditions like cholesterol and high blood pressure

–          Regulation of the thyroid and thyroid function which helps reduce weight

–          Lowering of body fat levels to normal and natural levels

All of this leads us to some great benefits and PCOS can be managed with minor medication and also eradicate it totally over a period of time.

yoga for curing pcos

Having seen the benefits of yoga for PCOS and curing it, it is important to start practicing something. To get you started with a few minutes a day, view and follow the links below for free for a month.

Once you are used to these simple practices, you should ideally take a proper Yoga for PCOS program which is available on this link:


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