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After you have put on weight, do you find it difficult to lose it? Are you under the impression that you have to really exercise hard and do a lot of dieting to lose weight? If you are grappling with this, then you need not worry. There is a very simple and effective online yoga program which will help you to lose weight in just ninety days. Before we get into this program, let us look at some of the facts related to weight loss.

Being Overweight is a Problem

Various studies have shown that more than one third of the world is now obese and this figure is expected to cross fifty percent. Obesity and being over weight leads to most diseases including those which cause death. These are non-communicable or lifestyle diseases and include; high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac Problems, respiratory problems, digestive problems, ulcers and much more. On the physical and mental side, our life becomes dull and we are unable to do what we want or wear what we want due to excess weight. We start losing interest in many things and this also leads to mental problems.

Do Not Work Out In Common Spaces

There are many aspects about weight loss and exercise which are lesser known. It has been found that more than two thirds of the people who are fat do not like to exercise in the presence of others. Individuals who are fat do not like to be seen in exercise spaces or Yoga studios where there are a lot of more fit, toned and flexible people who work out. The sub-conscious comparison factor comes in, which is demotivating.

Fitness Experts Do Not Have Answers

Today’s exercise and ‘gym culture’ is propagating a lot of myths. If you are fat and want to lose weight, fitness experts, trainers and gymnasiums are the wrong sources of correct information. A lot of people give up on exercise because the focus is on exercising long and hard and ‘sweating it out’. This problem is compounded by scary diet plans and eating excess protein. More protein for an overweight person actually leads to more weight and fat. Therefore, for most people, this approach seems too impractical and even intimidating. Also, the popular exercises done or taught these days are counterproductive for over weight persons. They can cause injuries and physiological damage. However, one need not despair. There is a very safe and effective way to lose weight.

Yoga For Weight Loss In Seven Days

The best way to lose weight is through Yoga asanas. In this article, we will show you seven asanas you can do which will lead to quick and safe weight loss in just ninety days. Any healthy person in any age group can practice these at their convenience. You can practice at home at your convenience. You will not require any equipment, clothes, diet plans or pills. There are just seven asanas in this program.

Benefits Of The 7 Step Yoga Program.

The benefits of this program are many. You will lose weight gently and safely. You will start seeing great results in ninety days. You will become more energetic and also get rid of ailments, aches and pains, if any. Fat retention will reduce and overall strength will improve.

Who Can Do This Program?

Any healthy individual in most age groups can practice this online yoga program. You need ro practice between five and seven times a week for at least ninety days. This program should not be done by those with high blood pressure, heart ailments, diabetes, orthopedic problems, other major diseases and pregnant ladies. Please check with a doctor before you start any program. The links of the seven asanas in the sequence in which they are to be done, are given below:

Tiryaka tadasana –

Konasana 3 –

Druta Utkatasana –

Virbhadrasana series –

Chakki Chalsana –

Padachakrasana –

Savasana –

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