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Obesity or being overweight greatly increases the chances of various diseases creeping in over a period of time. Across the world it is estimated that more than one third of all individuals in every age group are overweight or obese. This proportion is rapidly increasing and expect to cross forty five percent.

Measurements for being Fat

There are many ways in which one can find out if an individual is fat. Some of the ways in which we can know if we are fat are:

  • If you look visibly more bulky than you were before, you are putting on weight.
  • If you weigh yourself and are steadily and consistently putting on weight, it could be an indication that you are putting on weight. However, this may not hold true if you are exercising a lot and natural hunger is increasing.
  • Fluctuations in weight are normal based on weather, age and activity levels. A fluctuation of five to seven percent of your body weight is fine. If it is more than you could be on your way to getting fat.
  • There are many individuals who are always worried about putting on weight. They may look fine but are always worried. Such persons should measure their fat percentage and waist to hip ratio. These calculators are available on the net for free. If your body fat percentage is more than 23% for men and more than 25% for women, you could be overweight. The higher the percentage, the fatter you are. Similarly, we have hip to waist ratios and Body Mass Index or BMI.

Reasons for Becoming Fat

There are many reasons in today’s day and age for putting on weight. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Incorrect eating habits
  • Stress is a key factor in weight gain
  • Water, food and air which is polluted. Metals, plastic, chemicals and a lot of other unwanted elements are present which cause a problem

Weight Loss Options

There are many weight loss options available. So one need not get disheartened. We can walk, swim, jog, play games, dance, martial arts and so on. We should select something we will enjoy and then practice at least four times a week. We can also keep changing options for variety. With so many options it is easy to lose weight and also have fun. For those who do not like to do something physically taxing and have a lack of time, can practice yoga asanas.

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

There are so many benefits of yoga for weight loss. This is especially true if you opt for a wellzee online yoga program. Have a look at the benefits of our program:

  • Practice at your convenience when you can and how much you can.
  • Yoga is gentle and works at the cellular level. You need sweat and strain.
  • Yoga practices are simple and you can practice alone at home. So one need not worry about competing or comparing.
  • If you practice daily, great benefits will start showing in as little as ninety days. This is actually the same or faster than other exercises.
  • There is no scope for injuries or damage, especially if you follow a wellzee program.
  • Combine this with an online diet plan for maximum benefits.

Incorporate Yoga in your daily life and achieve effective weight loss and continue to manage optimal weight levels at all ages.

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