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There is a large part of the population across the World which has alcohol regularly or occasionally. Most of us do not think twice before consuming small quantities of alcohol. There are many people who also have a lot of alcohol and indulge in binge drinking.

There has been a lot researched and written about alcohol. There are also so called researches which are sponsored by the alcohol companies stating how wine is good or beer is good. However, the fact remains that alcohol in any form is not good for the body and mind.

Forget the accidental benefits to be found in wine or beer as claimed at times. Those benefits are not because it is wine or beer. Those benefits are there due to the grapes or the barley. Why should we then not just eat grapes or have barley water? Further none of these industry sponsored researches talk about the negative aspects. So the next time someone says alcohol is good in moderation, do remember this fact.

Alcohol has been found to be linked with over SIXTY diseases including some forms of cancer. Alcohol also constitutes ‘empty calories’. Even if you have alcohol in moderation there is no nutritive value at all. It consists of pure sugars which get absorbed by the body very quickly. So alcohol adds to unwanted sugars over and above your diet. Excess sugar gets stored as glucose, cholesterol and fat in the body. The processing and elimination of alcohol sugars also puts an extra load on the liver and kidneys, thus damaging them.

Anyone who has had alcohol over a period of time will also know that it causes disturbed sleep or reduces sleep. One can also become alcohol dependent for sleep. In addition, it plays havoc with the digestive system, gradually leading to related disorders and extreme physiological stress.

The psychological effects of alcohol are well known. Risky behavior, aggression, accidents and rapes are all linked to alcohol consumption. Our mind is not in control and we do and say things which get back to us. This reinforces extreme stress and stress causing behavior. Hangover is nothing but extreme physiological and mental stress. Regular drinking of alcohol dulls the mind slowly. You may become prone to depression. Drinking after long stretches of time also has the same effect. Which means that you are better off not drinking at all. Binge drinking is another problem area. It is much worse than having alcohol in moderation. When you drink a lot of alcohol all at once, it puts the system in ‘shock’. The next time you talk with pride about being able to ‘hold your drinks’ well, think twice. You are slowly killing yourself.

Do not believe anything the news reports or researches may say about red wine or any other forms of alcohol. There are too many side effects of alcohol and there are adequate impartial global studies to support this. You are asking for trouble if you have it. It is better to have a balanced diet plan and other healthy beverages. 

By Team Wellzee | October 16th, 2014 | LEAVE A COMMENT

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