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A lot of individuals today are trying to get in shape. Any progress made is very good. Being able to sustain and improve is even better. There is no alternative to good health than to be fit. However, fitness is being taken to the extreme. A lot of incorrect information is being spread under the garb of ‘experts’ advice’ mode. This is causing much more damage than benefits.

Myths About Fitness

  • More is better. Pushing harder and faster and straining your self more all the time is the norm. Nothing could be further from the truth. This approach actually damages the body and builds up stress.
  • Do a lot cardiovascular exercise and remain slim. As a result we see people trying to run marathons all the time and practice for it. Unless you are an athlete who is in a certain training and diet regimen 24×7, this approach is going to damage you. Knees problems in later age, excessive fatigue and stress at a later stage are inevitable.
  • Working out more and a greater number of hours at the gym is better. As a result we see people spending even up to two to three hours daily at the gym. This is not required at all. If you also have a job or a business which is full time, then this approach is going to harm you.
  • Working out at any time at any cost is another myth. Exercise times are early morning and evening till around seven p.m. Anything after that will adversely affect your metabolism. The body kicks into rest mode after sunset and hormones are released to relax and rejuvenate the system. At this time, we cannot be exercising. Same is the case in afternoons.
  • Exercising as a stress buster is the biggest and most harmful myth ever. When you are stressed due to family or work pressures and have deadlines, do not exercise at all. Just go for a leisurely stroll. Exercising with stress leads to many diseases and in many cases has also lead to sudden death in young individuals.
  • Being obsessive about ‘eating right’ is another problem. To remain fit you need not be worried about diet plans and fad diets. Just eat healthy and sensibly. Do not fall into the ‘how much carbs, proteins, calories’, trap. You can get a balanced diet plan from wellzee to understand how to eat correctly.
  • You have to look in a certain way to be able to call your self fit. There is no standard. Each individual is unique and everyone’s body operates totally differently. So do not go by media reports on fitness. Even slightly overweight persons or those with love handles can be more fit than ones with flat tummies and six pack abs.

What is Fitness

The next logical query then would be, what is being fit all about? Fitness is a little beyond how your body looks. Let us see some of the parameters of being fit.

  • Health is great with minimal diseases and good immunity.
  • The body is fit; which means that it is flexible and physically active without any discomfort.
  • You are much better off than you were before. There is no eventual goal to fitness. However, if you are better off than before then you are fitter. So do not compare with someone who has better genes than you.
  • Understand your body type and then assess your fitness. Even overweight or very slim people
  • can be very fit with no ailments and good immunity.
  • If you are making progress, then ensure you are not slipping back all the time. Fitness is long term. If you are doing the right things in the right way, the body automatically holds on to the gains made. If you are slipping back, it is not the body, but your lifestyle which is the culprit.
  • If there is overall lesser stress, then that is one of the key signs of fitness.
  • After any exercise routine if you are fatigued and too tired, then there is something incorrect happening.
  • If your complexion is better in general, that means you are getting fit.
  • You get lesser cravings for food and variety and prefer your routine to going out and partying, is another positive sign.

Becoming Super Fit

Now that we know what is it to be fit, we will see how to become super fit:

  • Always exercise in moderation. Try and do something five times a week and not two or three times. That can actually be more harmful
  • Try and move your body four to five times a day. Keep taking strolls, stretching or take a walk for five to ten minutes in and around your office. Constant physical movement is the key to fitness.
  • Eat light and healthy. Avoid eating to your full capacity. In case you feel hungry between meals, you can always snack light and healthy. Have lime juice, salads, fruits, smoothies or shakes. Avoid foods which are high on sugar, butter, flour, preservatives, baking additives, salt and sugar free substitutes.
  • When faced with a lot of stress, just rest and do not exercise. Take a long and gentle walk at such times.
  • Avoid alcohol totally if you can.
  • Eat less of meats and more of grains, pulses, vegetables and milk.
  • Walk a lot whenever you get the chance.

The Best Way to Be Super Fit

We have seen what it takes to be super fit. However, the best way to remain absolutely fit and healthy without any damage to the body or diseases is very simple. Follow a yoga for fitness program or yoga for weight loss program from wellzee. Change your life and become super fit with our online yoga programs.

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