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Correct Eating Habits

The biggest challenge these days is eating correctly. Most of the times we land up eating junk food. Without realizing we consume extra salt, sugar and fats. A reduction in home cooking is another problem. We are more interested in eating fancy things and different types of cuisine. We are also reducing focus on fruits and vegetables and increasing protein intake, which is not too beneficial if we are not a lot oh heavy physical work.

Impact of Incorrect Eating

The impact of incorrect eating is not too great. An ever increasing number of people are getting problems even at young ages in spite of exercising. Digestion related problems, bone related problems, ulcers, stress, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the challenges we face. Even though we are aware and want to do something, we are unable to do so because there is a lot of conflicting information and incorrect information on diet.

Fad Diets

There are various myths going around for weight loss and various fad diets are being promoted. The fact remains that fad diets may have some very immediate short term results but a lot of medium to long term negative effects. You may lose weight fast with some of these diets. Some of them even claim to lose twenty or thirty kilos in two to three months.

However, there are problems associated with these. Nutritional imbalance occurs due to most of these diets. There is a greater load on kidneys and digestive systems and also lowering of the water content at times. All these are not too good for health. Some of these come to haunt you in the forms of diseases even after a couple of decades and we would not even know that this is happening due to a diet plan, which we had done many years ago.

What is Required?

What is required for long term, healthy and more permanent weight loss is a balanced diet plan consisting of a lot of natural unprocessed foods. You will start losing weight by replacing a lot of processed and packaged foods, junk food or restaurant food with home cooked, simple meals. Add a soup, dal, buttermilk or milk with your diet.

Some great foods you can have daily are cereals, vegetables and some fruits. Add some salad once a day if you can and you are already moving towards fat loss. Avoid cheese and butter but plain milk is fine. Cut down on sugar and salt, coffee and tea, alcohol and soft drinks, juices and sweetened beverages.

In case you are non-vegetarian, cut down consumption of red meat and keep it to a minimum. Even if you have chicken or seafood make sure the portions are small and the food is lightly cooked and flavoured. Ensure that different kinds of vegetables are included in your meals. If you skip potatoes and tomatoes completely, it is perfect. If you like eggs, cut out the yolk from it. Most importantly, avoid all pastries, baked breads and sweets.

Which Diet Plans are Good?

By now we know that all fad diets are not too good. Just because things are reported and marketed, does not mean it is good for you. Each human is completely different and we need to eat differently. So rather than worrying about which kind of diet to have, focus on eating nutritionally balanced meals and eat less. Ideally eat only till you are seventy five percent full. Just make some of these changes to manage your weight. In case you need some guidance, take one of our online diet plans to help you lose weight.

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